Growing Raspberries in Colorado

Does anyone else LOVE raspberries as much as I do? For years I dreamed of growing my own because 1. They are so expensive and 2. Store-bought raspberries can be sour or mealy. Last spring I went to the Longmont Farmers Market early in the season and bought 13 organic raspberry bushes from Aspen Moon Farms. All of them were incredible producers but these beauties, the Fall Golds, were the glory of the bramble patch. I shamelessly ate them straight out off the canes and frankly I hardly shared them with my family. The flavor is sweet and jammy and so much richer and deeper than red raspberries. The varieties we grow that have done well in Colorado are: Fall Reds, Fall Golds, Nova, and Royalty (these are purple and are my second favorite). So keep an eye out at the Farmers’ markets early in the season. The only tricky part about raspberries is that there is conflicting advice on how and when to prune them. In addition, you need to follow the specific advice for the type of raspberry you have (Summer bearing or Fall bearing). I follow Rodale’s Organic Gardening book because it has never failed me, but if there is someone in your region that is an expert, I’d go with them. Have I convinced you to plant them this year? 

Christina Manning Lebek