Herb Series: Variegated Sage

Variegated sage! I’m starting to wind down this series on herbs and I wanted to fill in the gaps with some alternate varieties for you to choose from. I recently talked a bit about the medicinal benefits of sage and I wanted to introduce this variety to you if you aren’t familiar with it because variegated sage (sometimes called tri-color sage or also golden sage) is a milder cousin to the more traditional variety and for some people, a more suitable type from which to make tea. (So many of you have reached out about growing herbal teas which is so awesome!) I wanted to include it for another reason as well. - It is a beautiful addition to the edible landscape with its green & white patterned foliage tinged with purple and there are also varieties that are green & white with gold edged leaves. For those of us converting our front/back yards from landscaping to foodscaping, it’s wonderful to add herbs and edible flowers which vary from the norm in order to add visual interest, texture and depth of color. Mature variegated sage is a smallish shrub (12-18 inches) that looks gorgeous mixed in with flowers such as lavender, small rose bushes & pink carnations etc. They also look especially striking in rock gardens or those with Mediterranean themes. Did you know that apparently you can rub sage leaves on your teeth as a natural whitening agent?

Christina Manning Lebek