Herb Series: Golden Oregano

How about Golden oregano to brighten up your Monday! Are you like me and do you find a lot of joy in having an herb garden? Looking for new ideas? Over the next couple of weeks, on and off, I am going to be talking about different herbs that I love and this one is first up on the list. Golden oregano, like its name implies, has a brilliant chartreuse color and can be used for cooking the same way that you would regular oregano (some people find that the flavor isn’t as strong - I just tend to use a little more of it). I like how it adds dimension to the herb bed with its bright color. If you let them grow - the flowers are pink and lilac which look so pretty against the chartreuse leaves drawing butterflies! It grows pretty quickly and can be trimmed in June so that it grows more horizontally than vertically. (It can grow from 6 inches to 1 feet in height and creep along between 2-3 feet.) It is great plant to tuck in between stepping stones, or in little pockets in the edible garden for color, it also grows well in containers or raised beds, is beautiful as trailing herb for hanging baskets. I’m thinking they would be gorgeous tucked in with small container tomato varieties. They are not very particular about soil quality but do need good drainage and want full sun (the color will do better in cooler weather.) Some gardeners find that their scent keeps the deer away. If you dry it for later use, keep the leaves whole until you use them to help preserve the flavor. You can also harvest the stems and stick them in the freezer to save for when you want to add them to tomato sauce etc. My favorite part is that this herb is perennial! In terms of pest management, watch for spider mites and aphids. 

Christina Manning Lebek