Herb Series: Growing Cilantro

Do you love or hate cilantro? This post is for you lovers out there - haters - I’ll see you tomorrow. Speaking of love, author Christian Reach, in his book Plants of love, writes that the ancient Greeks and Egyptians believed that Cilantro/Coriander was an aphrodisiac so maybe we lovers are dialed in when it comes to this herb! Some people find it frustrating to grow because it tends to bolt…(or go to seed), but I say - who cares if it does? The seeds are so delicious - both when they are fresh (green) and when they are dried so you pretty much win either way! What I do, is I set up a small section of my herb garden that gets partial shade and I sow a few cilantro/coriander seeds every few weeks throughout the summer. That way I can keep harvesting what I want throughout the summer while knowing and celebrating that some of it will go to seed. We use its leaves in Mexican street tacos, on every kind of curry we make, on Moroccan beef stew, and with tomatoes and chickpeas as a salad or soup. We save the dried seeds for winter and toast them, adding them to curries, stews and even apple cider sometimes. Another way to manage it, is to harvest it continuously every week and start new plants all the time. For cilantro lovers - this may be the best way to go.