Herb Series: How to Grow Corsican Mint

I know it needs boundaries and interventions from time to time, but when mint is put in the right place and has the right purpose it is really wonderful in my opinion and this type of mint is no exception. Corsican mint has very tiny, delicate oval leaves that pack a very powerful punch when it comes to flavor and scent.  It grows to be about 3–10 cm tall, and has tiny mauve flowers in July and August that draw pollinators. It is a spreading and ground hugging variety and we are going to plant it around stepping stones and pavers in our garden because it gives off its wonderful minty smell when it is gently stepped on by foot traffic. When we are planning our edible landscape I think its wonderful not only to consider what feeds our bellies but also our senses - sight, touch and even smell. Breathing in the odor of natural mint essential oil is part of my summer plan. Do remember, that though it is tiny - it is mighty and will self seed in an aggressive way. It needs moisture but shouldn’t be overwatered. It isn’t perennial here in zone 5a so my plan is to mulch but if that feels like too big of a risk for you then you can definitely grow it in a pot indoors which has worked great for me. I like to use it in dishes where I don’t want the larger leathery type of mint leaves. For example this is magical scattered across a greek salad! 

Christina Manning Lebek