Herb Series: the Medicinal benefits of Splianthes

Do you ever like to try new, quirky and beautiful plants in your garden? I’m picking up where I left off from last week talking about medicinal and culinary herbs and this plant is one that I will be growing this year for the first time. It has been called the eyeball plant, the olive plant but it is mostly called Spilanthes- the toothache plant. The reason for this as you probably guessed is that chewing one of the flower heads can numb your entire mouth for about 5-10 minutes. It is widely used as a part of folk medicine in India and I think it will be a good addition to our herbal remedies. You can grow it from seed or buy it as a plant, it is disease resistant, and it can grow in full sun or part shade. It is a fun addition to the edible landscape with its unusual flower heads that bloom from June to September. They would work nicely as border plants (12-16 inches high and about 18 inches across) and would mix well with other flowering herbs like Calendula, red nasturtiums, or German chamomile. I am not advising this... I’m just imagining that little children might find their love of gardening through the cultivation of these plants lol!!