Raspberries in Vodka

This is a family recipe from Jochen’s mom. They are as incredible as they sound. One year I gave them to everyone I knew for Christmas. I am still famous in that town. Thank you Oma Lebek. Makes (1) 1 liter or (2) 1/2 liter jars.

  • Sterilized (1) 1 liter or (2) 1/2 liter Weck tulip jars - they are the prettiest and easiest to use

  • A flat of organic raspberries , washed and gently patted dry

  • 1 liter of good (but not great) vodka

  • 1 cup of white rock sugar


  1. Sprinkle a tbl of rock sugar on the bottom of the jar.

  2. Add 2-3 inches of raspberries.

  3. Repeat with a layer of rock sugar and raspberries until 2/3 full.

  4. Pour over the vodka.

  5. Top up with raspberries and sugar making sure that the fruit is completely submerged in the vodka and not exposed to the air or it can spoil.

  6. Store in a dark cupboard. Gently stir them at 6 weeks - taste with a clean spoon and see if they need more sugar. They are ready when the vodka tastes thoroughly infused with the raspberries, usually around 8-10 weeks.

Christina Manning Lebek