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the best food is grown in your own backyard



Garden Consulting & Coaching

Rates starting at $100/ HR

The best way to begin is with a garden consult.  60-minute private sessions include education about each season's growing possibilities, what is needed for garden setup, and a garden design or planting layout. We’ll help you figure out what you can grow where, how to work with the Colorado seasons and leave you with an initial garden transformation project plan. Whether you’re hoping to start with one raised bed or an entire foodscape, this is the best place to start. Separately, seasonal coaching, planting plans, as well as DIY garden designs are also available.

Modern Farmsteads provides consults along the upper Front Range as well as video consults for those outside the area.

Fall harvest, copyright 2019

Fall harvest, copyright 2019

Raised garden beds and tomato arbors, copyright 2019

Raised garden beds and tomato arbors, copyright 2019


Garden Installation & Turnkey Service

Rates Upon request

Our turnkey garden installation consists of a raised bed garden design, custom-built raised beds, our top quality Colorado-sourced soil complete with organic compost to fill the beds and our own Colorado-grown plants.  This complete package will be designed, delivered, installed, and planted just for you.

We offer a range of garden installation raised bed solutions, starting with high quality wooden raised beds, to expert-built brick or corten steel planters. These standard, large, or custom-designed raised beds are hand-made and will be delivered to your home. For those who do not elect turnkey service, they will arrive and be fully assembled, ready to be filled with your own soil and plants.

Our wooden raised beds are in a league of their own. Unlike big box stores that sell thin-planked, short raised beds which will warp and break down quickly in the Colorado sun and snow, we use 2” thick boards, 18” in height, which include mitered tops for a finished, refined look. They are comfortable enough to sit on while gardening, and the beds are completed with multiple supports for increased strength and durability. We also offer an alternative, less-expensive option of non-toxic, pressure-treated, spruce pine raised beds. We’ve developed our own methodology of weather proofing them to extends their lifespan to compete with cedar.

Please see our shop for more details.

Garden Maintenance

Rates starting at $120

Vegetable beds and most foodscapes need daily care in order to thrive. The meditative rhythm of tending to one’s garden and the fun of harvesting food, are part of the appeal of gardening. 

Some of the more involved and repetitive maintenance, however, like planting or sowing seeds, weeding, adding compost, pruning, or dealing with pests can be challenging and/or time consuming. We are here to help you maintain your garden around the seasons!

Thinning seedlings,  copyright 2019

Thinning seedlings, copyright 2019

Jochen building our raised beds on the Manning Lebek Urban Farm, copyright 2019

Jochen building our raised beds on the Manning Lebek Urban Farm, copyright 2019

DIY Kits


Assemble your own raised beds with this outstanding cedar raised garden bed kit delivered to your home.  Assembly is easy, clear, step-by-step instructions are provided, and all hardware is included. (Note, due to the density and thickness of the wood we strongly recommend using an electric drill/ screwdriver for optimal results.) Choose between our standard 4' x 4' x 18" raised bed and our large 4’ x 8’ x 18” raised bed.

Soil, plants, and trellises are not included in the kits and are sold separately. 


I have never been very good at taking care of house plants much less keeping a garden alive. However, as a mom of two infant boys it’s important to me to have easy access to healthy, fresh produce and I have always wanted to grow my own. Christina & Jochen helped me get some containers going and gave me pointers on how to navigate the Front Range climate. Thanks to their guidance, my family enjoyed a whole summer’s worth of homegrown veggies.

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