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Our turnkey garden installation consists of a raised bed garden design, custom-built raised beds, our top quality Colorado-sourced soil, complete with organic compost to fill the beds, and our own Colorado-grown plants.  This complete package will be designed, delivered, installed, and planted just for you. 

Our wooden raised beds are in a league of their own. Unlike big box stores that sell thin-planked, short, raised beds, which will warp and break down quickly in the Colorado sun and snow, we use 2” thick boards, 18” in height, which include mitered tops for a finished, refined look. They are comfortable enough to sit on while gardening, and the beds are completed with multiple supports for increased strength and durability.  We also offer an alternative, less-expensive option of non-toxic, pressure-treated, spruce pine raised beds. We’ve developed our own methodology of weather proofing them to extend their lifespan to compete with cedar. 

Prices for concierge gardens vary depending on the number, size, design, and material of the raised beds. Please  contact us for different pricing options based on size, material, and style.

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